J. Devlin Glass Art Uses Unique Glass Textures to Create Beautiful Home Decor

As you shop our online boutique, you’ll notice the majority of our products are finely crafted textured glass products made by J. Devlin Glass Art . They have a large selection of glass photo frames, glass jewelry boxes, glass ornaments, stained glass lamps, and more, and we love the beauty of each and every one of them. We recently caught up with Kathy Gustafson, owner and glass art designer of J. Devlin Glass Art, and asked her about the unique glass textures that set the J. Devlin Glass Art home décor products apart from the rest.

Made by rolling an embossed roller over hot glass, textured glass adds incredible beauty and depth to ordinary home décor items, such as glass photo frames or glass jewelry boxes. J. Devlin Glass Art utilizes several unique glass textures in their products to help you achieve a certain mood or style. We’ve described a few of the glass texture styles below.


Waterglass appears as gentle, rolling waves that resemble the surface of water. Created by stretching the hot glass sheet while still in a pliable state, waterglass is featured in this J. Devlin butterfly glass ornament (Orn 185-2).

Glue Chip

Sometimes called Jack Frost Glass, this interesting glass texture is created by coating a sheet of clear glass with glue and baking it until the glue peels off. As the glue pulls away, it chips the surface of the glass, creating a texture that looks similar to frost on a windowpane. Notice how this large J. Devlin clear star glass ornament uses the glue chip texture (Orn 210-1).


Vecchio is a soft, light-diffusing glass. Its visual depth comes from tiny seeds nestled inside a gentle, almost flattened granite glass texture. J. Devlin Glass Art’s Box 738 mosaic glass jewelry box uses vecchio textured glass.

Rough Rolled

A glass texture exuding an antique, romantic feel of years gone by, rough rolled glass has a rough, bumpy texture that mutes light and images. The purple glass in J. Devlin’s Box 674 double-hinged glass jewelry box uses a rough rolled glass texture, as do most of their cathedral glass products.

Seedy Glass

Seedy glass is created when air or gas is injected into the molten glass before forming the sheet, trapping air bubbles inside which sometimes look like little seeds. J. Devlin created a series of glass photo frames using the seedy glass texture (Pic 224 series).

Granite Glass

Granite glass is a type of textured glass featuring a rough, small “gravel” like texture. You’ll find granite glass texture in J. Devlin’s flower ornament series (Orn 211-1, Orn 212-1, Orn 213-1).

Ice Granite Glass

Comparable to a sheet of diamonds, ice granite glass texture creates dramatic sparkles on the J. Devlin dragonfly ornament (Orn 112).

Cross Reed

Cross reed is a unique glass texture that gives the appearance of blocks. You’ll find this highly desirable glass texture in the J. Devlin Pic 345 glass photo frames .


Hammered glass texture resembles beaten metal. J. Devlin uses the hammered glass texture paired with an iridescent finish on Box 122 to create texture and a shimmering effect when you look inside. The clear iridescent hammered glass texture is used in the bottom of almost all the J. Devlin glass jewelry boxes.


Flute glass has close symmetrical ridges or corrugated lines that slightly bend light, providing some obscurity. J. Devlin utilizes flute glass as one of the textured glass pieces in its Pic 310 series of glass photo frames .

Autumn Floral

A sophisticated looking glass texture in a floral print design that will demand your attention with its exquisite beauty and detail. This lovely glass texture is featured in J. Devlin’s Pic 344 glass photo frames .


Oceania is an interesting glass texture that looks like chunks of ice! Oceania glass texture was used in J. Devlin’s newest 4” x 6” glass photo box Pbox 353.


Used in many of the J. Devlin Glass Art products, such as the Pic 126 glass photo frame series , this timeless glass texture is also known as Flora, which looks like miniature vintage ceiling tiles.


Beveled glass often gives a prism-like effect because its clear, thick plate glass edges have been grounded and polished to angles other than 90 degrees, refracting light in various directions. This beveled business card holder by J. Devlin (Crd 101) shows a creative use of this sophisticated-looking glass texture.


This nature-themed glass texture has an image of leaves embossed onto the surface of the glass while it is still hot using rollers. You can even feel the veining in the leaves! J. Devlin brings the whimsical feel of nature indoors using the sycamore glass texture on their dragonfly-themed glass photo frame (Pic 107-46H).

Whether you are looking for a unique glass photo frame for your home or office or a glass ornament to hang in your favorite window, J. Devlin Glass Art’s use of unique glass textures will add interest and dimension to any area.

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