From a studio founded in 1984, a wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to incorporate several glass processes such as slumping, fusing or engraving into our designs that are truly original.

Beginning with an exclusive and original design by glass artist and owner Kathy Gustafson. Quality glass from English Muffle (made in the USA), a variety of techniques, embellishments and a lot of love go into each J Devlin piece.

Our signature style picture frames have a triangular style base that supports the frame adding stability and style unique to J Devlin. A design concept created by Kathy to make a picture frame, a piece of art.

Each piece needs to be special, we add the extra touches, use the best glass, and we have the same experienced craftsmen since 1999. We refuse to cut corners to make a few pennies more. To us it is about making each piece an heirloom.

We appreciate each-and-every fan. Our heart and soul go into each design as we try to bring selection to you that you will want to love and look at every day.