Stunning Stained Glass Jewelry Boxes for Sale at J Devlin Glass Art

A glimmering chest of pearls tucked away in a mermaid’s secret cove. A dazzling glass case guarding the princess’s rubies. A vibrant emerald box nestled in the forest where the fairies hide their favorite prizes. All of these beautiful, precious boxes are brimming with special treasures that mean the world to someone special. At J Devlin Glass Art, you’ll find our collection of elegant stained glass jewelry boxes for sale are inspired by the same beauty and wonder that makes up all your favorite fairy tales – with one key difference. Our stained glass boxes are real. There’s no plastic, mass-produced, imitation nonsense here. Only carefully handcrafted, traditionally made glass beauty as special as the trinkets you’ll store inside.

Our collection of over 70 glass jewelry boxes covers a wide range of glass textures, colors, and designs. As with all of our handcrafted glassware, the jewelry boxes for sale on our site are all made of lead-free glass designed to last for years to come. Many of our glass jewelry boxes also feature little metal decals, such as dragonflies, friendship charms, or Christian crosses, while a large number go without, letting the beautiful glass speak for itself without an accent piece. The choice is entirely yours. Consider the person your jewelry or keepsake box is for and the occasion for buying it. Because of their radiant beauty and sentimentality, our handcrafted jewelry and keepsake boxes make wonderful gifts for all occasions.

All of the jewelry boxes for sale here at J Devlin Glass Art are unique and exclusive designs that can’t be found anywhere else. We take pride in putting A New Twist on Yesterday, taking the traditional methods that masters of the craft have been using for over a century and combining them with modern styles to create something truly special. You’ll love the gorgeous cathedral-like stained glass stylings of our Christian keepsake boxes, the perfect gifts to celebrate baptisms, first communions, christenings, confirmation, or any special occasion in your religious family. We offer these special boxes in a wide range of colors, including blue, pink, red, and clear styles, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right look and feel for anyone’s taste.

Treasures, trinkets, and prized possessions come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and so do our beautiful glass keepsake boxes. We’ve designed a stunning array of different styles, from sleek and thin display boxes to elegant and dainty ring boxes to wide glimmering boxes perfect for storing your favorite jewelry collection. Whether you’re looking for the perfect solution to storing your rosaries, rings, earrings, necklaces, business cards, or other sentimental keepsakes, we have a shinning piece of art waiting for you.

Our wide variety of textures and styles allows for a stunning range of themes and designs. Take for example the J Devlin Box 325-3 Aquamarine Blue Mini Stained Glass Ring Box. This precious little stained glass box, with its balled feet and decorative beaded edges which harken to the sleek roundness of a string of oyster pearls, is shimmering with an air of underwater wonder. The way the light moves through the blue-green tones of the sweet little keepsake box resembles the way the warm sun’s rays catch and glimmer on the surface of the ocean, making this box perfect for those who love the sea.

Not to mention our personalization options! Many of the jewelry boxes for sale on our site are also available with laser engravings of your chosen message. Create an amazingly personalized keepsake box to commemorate a momentous occasion such as the birth of a new baby or the beautiful joining of two lovers in holy matrimony, and know that your recipients will cherish it forever. To find that perfect gift, browse through our personalized occasions tab on our site’s store and choose your special event.

At J Devlin Glass Art we’ve had over 38 years to perfect our craft, learning the intricacies of glass making and the famous Tiffany stained glass method first used by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800s in order to bring you these stunning, artisanally made works of art. Our dedication to our art is second only to our dedication to our customers. When you order from J Devlin Glass Art, you can expect high quality, long-lasting beauty packaged safe and securely to arrive at your door perfectly intact. With fast and free shipping, you’ll receive all your handcrafted glass art gifts within 1-2 business days so you can be sure to have it on time for any special gift-giving occasion.

If you’ve fallen in love with the dreamlike beauty of our handcrafted glass jewelry boxes then be sure to browse through our site and explore the other high-quality glass art gifts we’ve poured our hearts and souls into. You’ll find one of a kind glass photo frames and gorgeous stained glass night lights unlike any other alongside many other stunning gifts and enchanting glass home décor pieces suited perfectly to display alongside your new shining keepsake box.

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