1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas from J Devlin Glass Art

Congratulations on one full year of love and laughter! Your first wedding anniversary marks 365 days since you and your spouse committed to each other for the rest of your lives. That beautiful commitment deserves to be cherished, honored, and celebrated on your first anniversary!

There are dozens of fun traditions to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. Many couples like to preserve the top layer of their wedding cake in the freezer and break it out on their first wedding anniversary as a reminder of their special day! You may choose to celebrate by having a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, or a romantic night in together. Many couples also make it a tradition to exchange gifts.

Shopping for the perfect 1 year wedding anniversary gift can be daunting -- after all, you want it to be special! We at J Devlin Glass Art know the importance of celebrating life’s precious moments and milestones, and we specialize in personalized, beautiful glass pieces that are crafted with love. Here’s our list of J Devlin Glass Art pieces that will make perfect first wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse.

Gift #1: A Wedding Photo in a Personalized Photo Frame
This traditional anniversary gift is classic for a reason! A photo frame is a beautiful way to preserve and display your most precious memories. Choose your favorite photo of yourself and your spouse to frame in a personalized J Devlin Glass Art frame for a timeless 1 year wedding anniversary gift. We recommend choosing a photo from your wedding day, perhaps a photo of your first kiss, first look, first dance, or a happy candid picture!

J Devlin Glass Art offers a gorgeous collection of glass photo frames that are ready to customize with your name and anniversary date. When you’ve selected the perfect photo, choose one of the many custom frames at J Devlin Glass Art to display it in. Choose something sophisticated and sentimental, like the From This Day Forward Personalized Wedding Frame, or something sweet and charming, like the Best Day Ever Personalized Engraved Glass Picture Frame. Whatever frame you choose, it’s sure to make a wonderful gift and a beautiful reminder of your wedding for years to come!

Gift #2: A Personalized Glass Keepsake Box Full of Sentimental Trinkets
Create a one-of-a-kind 1 year wedding anniversary gift for your spouse by filling a trinket box with sentimental items and tchotchkes. Include copies of your favorite photos of you as a couple, postcards to places you’ve visited, love letters you’ve written, ticket stubs or receipts from memorable dates, and anything else you can think of that symbolizes your first year of marriage.

Choose a beautiful glass trinket box from J Devlin Glass Arts to store your collection of romantic memorabilia. Some glass boxes double as photo frames, like the Vintage Antique Shabby Chic Photo Box, and others are personalizable with your names and anniversary, like the Personalized Wedding Card Box Engraved Glass Keepsake.

Gift #3: A Personalized Glass Christmas Ornament
Your first year of marriage comes with an array of other fun “firsts” as a married couple. In those first 12 months as husband and wife, every little first together is special. From your first vacation as a married couple to your first Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and holidays, every occasion deserves to be cherished and celebrated. Your 1 year wedding anniversary gift is a great opportunity to recognize all of the firsts you’ve had that year, including your first Christmas!

J Devlin Glass Art offers a variety of beautiful glass Christmas ornaments to celebrate your first Christmas together. Choose a personalizable Christmas ornament and have it engraved with your names for a sweet, sentimental gift that you can cherish for years to come!

Gift #4: Flowers in a Set of Glass Vases
When it comes to a 1 year wedding anniversary gift or any gift for your spouse, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! You can stick with the classics, like red roses with baby’s breath accents, or get more creative and choose something out-of-the-ordinary that reminds you of your love. If you can, try to get a bouquet of flowers that were included in your wedding day for an extra-sentimental touch.

Of course, the flowers are only half the gift. Make this classic anniversary gift even more special by gifting it in a collection of handmade glass vases from J Devlin Glass Art. Our stunning glass vases are water-tight and feature beautiful, textured glass to add sophistication and charm to the flower arrangement they hold. This beautiful glass vase set doubles as a new tradition; use them every time you gift your spouse a bouquet of flowers! Through the years, these sweet vases will become an unforgettable part of your anniversary celebrations.

However you decide to celebrate your first anniversary, be sure to include a memorable, sentimental gift for the love of your life. J Devlin Glass Art is happy to provide beautiful gifts for your first anniversary, and every anniversary to come!

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