Collection: Boxes

Wearing a stunning piece of jewelry provides anyone with an unparalleled accessory to best compliment any look for any occasion. Whether it be a dangling necklace or a ring, jewelry has long been known to enliven anyone’s appearance and even be known to boost a person’s confidence. However, there will always come a time when you want to take off your beloved jewelry and store it in a safe place. But, why would you want to tuck it away in a dark box where you can’t admire it even when you’re not wearing it? 

That is precisely why we have an abundance of jewelry boxes made of the finest glass. These boxes allow you to admire your jewelry through them when you take them off. Not only that, but you can store a plethora of other important items inside, such as memorable keepsakes, that you wish to keep safely on display. These jewelry boxes not only allow you to view such items regularly but also keep them safe from dust, dirt, and other cumbersome particles all inside their gorgeous confines. They make for superb pieces of home decor that simply bring your dresser or vanity to life. 

With the combination of the finest glass and solder, you can keep your vital jewelry and other items confidently inside. These unique boxes have the added advantage of gorgeous metal trimming, various types of glass (vintage, clear, colored, and/or textured), and with or without feet. 

Be sure to browse all of our enamoring yet highly practical jewelry boxes to find the perfect one for you or a loved one.